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Aquatic Center Pool Hour Adjustments


June 16th

Everyday: 1-3pm Open Swim

No Kiddie Pool: 12-1pm and 3-5pm


The sauna and hot tub are always open to our members!


What's Happening


Dive-In Movie


Friday, August 29th



In the Aquatic Center of Centralia Thorbeckes. Free to Family Memberships.

Coming This Fall!

Stay tuned for more details


Sign ups begin August 25th

Competition: September 15-November 24



Kids Yoga Classes

Contact for more information



Kids Group Fitness Class

Contact for more information



Swimming lessons with smaller class sizes



Mommy/Daddy & Me swimming lessons

Salli Dahl Sausage Sizzle

Salli Dahl Sausage Sizzle

Round Robin & Potluck

Borst Tennis Courts, Centralia

Saturday, August 30th, 2:00pm.

Deadline is Saturday, August 25th.


*super prizes for Men and Women's Champ and Runner-Up


LCTA supplies:

Tennis balls, Water, lemonade, plates & utensils, and Sausages (Brats) and buns.


Barbacue grill available for use. Shade will be provided with a colorful array of umbrella's and awnings.


*Players bring potluck choice, their own cold drinks and a folding chair.


Register today!

email: say, "I'll be there". No fee.

Clinical Massage


Clinical Massage Certified by Healthways Inside the Centralia Thorbeckes



360-623-5465 (mobile)

Saturday Apt. Only

On Edge Rock Wall

Climbing Sessions will be cancelled for the summer. 



Book your rock wall party today!

Only $149.95+Tax


Party includes 20 Minute Orientation, 1 Hour of Climbing for 8 People & 1 hour in the party room. Additional players $5 pp. plus tax.

Essential Yoga's Instructor Teri

Meet Sara!

Essential Yoga's Instructor

of the Month!


"I have been practicing yoga for the past four years, and was fortunate to begin sharing in the practices of others two-and-a-half years into that journey. Because of that I have learned and grown with every person that has come into our studio.


I have a habit of lightly applauding after we say Namaste` in my classes because the ability of an individual to allot themselves an hour of quietness, and calmness, to allow themselves to listen to their bodies and hearts for personal growth, is special, and some days can be more challenging than others, so it deserves an applause.


I am grateful for my practice and the ability to share it brings happiness into my heart."