Classes held in Centralia and Chehalis Locations.

  • DorothyCaldwell


    Dorothy is the program’s Head Instructor. She founded this school in 1987.

  • LeeCaldwell


    Lee is the programs Lead Instructor. He is extremely patient and has an amazing ability to teach students of all ages.

  • Susan has been instructing since 2011. She is a second degree black belt. She especially enjoys teaching new students of all ages. Her goal is to create a fun learning environment while instilling in them the confidence they need to protect themselves in a healthy and positive way.

The Art of Fighting,

Without Fighting

TDK3Tae KwonDo has been at Thorbeckes since 1987 and in that time has developed a friendly family-oriented community of martial artists and students.

The program is designed to help people of all ages and backgrounds experience the benefits of training in the martial arts. This type of physical activity provides improved fitness, flexibility, balance and confidence. The curriculum taught is based on traditional Tae KwonDo, a Korean martial art featuring the hard lines of Karate with a kicking style of its own.

Our class uses an intuitive system of self defense which can adapt to any situation. We emphasize the physical and psychological aspects of self defense, giving students practical techniques in which they can be confident.


Our instructors have more than 40 years combined experienced learning and teaching the martial arts. This allows them to teach a broad spectrum of skills including defense and training, self-defense grappling and submission.

Advanced Fitness and Flexibility:

TKD Group sz_optCome to our Saturday class to get a work on advanced fitness and flexibility training. Our instructors will use traditional martial arts training methods to get you in great shape. Fundamental knowledge of the martial arts is required for this class

Self Defense Classes

Our Tae KwonDo instructors will teach women and families basic self-defense maneuvers and strategies.
Classes are scheduled as interest is expressed. Please contact tkd@thorbeckes.com

Class fee ($5) will be donated to a local charity, such as a women’s shelter.

Let us show you how we do Tae KwonDo!

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Program Fees

Single Student $15/mn
Couple $25/mnth
Family $40/month
This program is for Thorbeckes members only.

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TKD – Advanced Fitness

Chehalis Classes


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