Thorbeckes Athletic Performance (TAP) Contact:

Cassidy Boles, TAP & PSS Director,, 360-748-3744 (message phone)

  • Cassidy Boles, BS
    Thorbeckes TAP & PSS Director

    CERTIFICATIONS: NASM Personal Trainer, CPR/Cardiac Arrest Certified 

    TRAINING SPECIALTY/FOCUS: Athletic Performance Training, Track and Field, Power Training, Sprint Technique, Weight Loss.

    EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BS Kinesiology / Exercise Sports Science


  • Efrain
    Efrain Sanchez, MS
    Thorbeckes General Manager & Personal Training Director

    CERTIFICATIONS: USATF Level 1 Certified, ACE Certified, TRX Suspension Trainer Certified, CPR & AED Certified

    TRAINING SPECIALTY/FOCUS: Athletic Performance Training, Track and Field, Power Training, Sprint Technique, Weight Loss.


    FAVORITE TAP EXERCISE & WHY? Bear Crawl, It brings you back to the essentials of strength and coordination that you learned as a developing infant.


  • danny
    Danny Cardona
    Certified Trainer

    CERTIFICATIONS: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), CPR & AED Certified

    TRAINING SPECIALTY/FOCUS: General Fitness & Strength Training

    EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: NASM and Sport-specific training

    FAVORITE EXERCISE & WHY? Downward Dog Squat because it’s a challenging move to perform correctly, it’s one of the best hamstring stretches and shoulder mobility movements.


What is TAP?

Building Athletes. Building people. Building Community.  We want to help local athletes build strength, speed, agility, power and all of the primary functions of an athlete. Our members experience huge success in incredibility short amounts of time.

TAP into your inner athlete. Our classes are designed to craft your body into its peak balance and performance specifically for your life and what you desire. Call for a tour or to experience a class!

Fit & Functional Fitness Classes

Cardio & Strength — Our trainers have the ability to modify exercises to fit the physical needs of each client, whether in a personal training session or in our fitness classes. The fitness classes are for all age groups and activity levels; no matter what your fitness level, you will make progress. If you want a challenge; if you demand results, our classes are for you.

Athletics: TAP Into Your Potential

Durability is the single most important component of athletic training. Our workouts and programs are dynamic and progressive. We believe you cannot train for one singular athletic component. Isolated training leads to athletic limitations. To construct a complete athlete, you need to develop balance, quickness, speed, and strength and the body’s ability to utilize all its athletic components at once. Learn how to master all of your physical talents by unleashing untapped athletic potential and focusing on developing full-body power. We will fine-tune your ability for explosive power by prescribing customized exercises to fit your individual training level. TAP ensures the athlete achieves balance throughout the entire body, talent in every direction, and eliminates all non-contact related injuries. Our goal is to get athletes’ bodies out of the way of their talent. Looking for a unique program that redefines athleticism and durability?

Personal Training

Personal training is the most effective method of attaining your physical goals. We will find the correct physical demand that will create your desired outcome. Having a trainer oversee your entire program ensures the fastest and most productive results. This is not your standard personal training program, everything in the program is customized and altered for your benefit. Your goals, physical condition, and personal likes will determine the type of program designed for you.


Kids’ Camps

Designed to teach kids how to play purposefully to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle; and creating the building blocks to be successful at any sport. Watch for special camps and programs throughout the year!




TAP- Cardio
TAP – Cardio
TAP – Cardio


TAP- Strength
TAP- Strength
TAP – Strength


TAP – Cardio
TAP – Cardio
TAP – Cardio


TAP – Strength
TAP – Strength
TAP – Strength


Feel Good Friday
Feel Good Friday
Feel Good Friday


TAP – Cardio
Individual (Monthly) $79 (EFT) $125
Family (Monthly) $200 (EFT) $250
Prep (Monthly) $60 (EFT) $70
6-Months Paid in Full $468 $690
12-Months Paid in Full $900 $1,200
Single Session $50 $70
Partner Training $35 pp $45
Small Group Training $30 pp $40
4 PT/Month + Unlimited Classes $200 (EFT) $295
8 PT/Month + Unlimited Classes $350 (EFT) $475
12 PT/Month + Unlimited Classes $500 (EFT) $655
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Kids’ Camp  see current flier  see current flier
Athletic Development Camp  see current flier  see current flier

*Plus Tax

CAMP SIBLING PRICE SPECIAL: Buy one camp at full price, get the second one 1/2 off!


2018 Coaches Clinic

Matt Noren: Intro & Requirements for Coaches

Owner of Thorbeckes Athletic Club and Pacific Sports Spa

Efrain Sanchez, M.S.: Advancements in Athletic Performance Training

General Manager of Thorbeckes Athletic Club, Director of Personal Training

Dr. Kelly Padgett: Building a Better Athlete — Start With the Eyes

Doctor of Optometry, Sports Vision Specialized

Katia Mora: Sports Nutrition

Dietician and Director of Thorbeckes Dietetics and Nutriton (Fall 2018)

Andrew Webber: Legal Risks and Consequences of Coaching

Class of 2018 at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, 2005 USMA West Point Graduate

Dr. Aaron Dalan: Medical Information for Athletics Professionals

Northwest Pediatrics, 1994-98 University of Washington Offensive Lineman