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Enjoy the benefits that yoga practice can bring us — increased flexibility, strength, and increased circulation. It stimulates our internal organs and our nervous system. It improves skin detoxification and brings clarity and focus to the mind. It helps us to sleep soundly and reduces our stress. Be fit and improve your quality of life!

“If you can breath, you can practice yoga.”  Beth Shaw

Benefits of  Yoga


  • Increased Flexibility and Strength
  • Healing – Proven to help heal old injuries and prevent new injuries from occurring.
  • Reduces the chance for heart attack and stoke.
  • Relieve Symptoms of Chronic Diseases; Cancer, Arthritis, and Heart Disease
  • Detox – You will sweat which will purify your muscles and organs.
  • Adjust Posture
  • Improve Digestive System
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Weight Loss

  • Tina

    Tina Goss – Essential Yoga Director

    Health and wellness is a lifestyle that adds quality of life and touches every individual around us. This lifestyle should include being active, staying strong, finding balance, eating well and making good choices to keep the mind, spirit and body healthy. Let’s find creative and inventive ways to make lives wholesome, healthy and challenging everyday. Certifications: YogaFit Level 1; Pilates and PiYo; NASM personal trainer too.

  • DSC_0159

    A YogaFit certified instructor for seven years, Anna is continuing her education. Things always seem to look a little better and brighter after a bit of yoga. I enjoy helping to spread that around!

  • Maria is YogaFit certified and is the newest member of our fabulous team! Maria participates in fun runs and CrossFit too!

  • Marielle is a YogaFit certified instructor, she finds a sense of peace and life balance through her practice. Marielle enjoys teaching hot yoga and the strengthening and detoxing that comes along with it. Yoga has helped her slow down and enjoy the simple things in a fast paced life with a husband and 2 children. When she’s not teaching or practicing she enjoys traveling, biking with her family, and learning to cook international cuisines.

  • A YogaFit certified instructor, Teri unexpectedly found herself loving yoga and yearning to learn more and share her practice. A gifted young instructor Teri continues her education to bring you a Vinyasa flow to relax and sooth your soul. Strengthening your mind as well as your body. When she’s not teaching, Teri is a busy wife and mother of two children. They enjoy the outdoors and downtime at home.

  • “Before I started practicing yoga, I questioned my ability to do it. I was inflexible, stressed out, and unhealthy in general. I thought, this is probably not for me … but here’s what I found: Yoga has helped me grow stronger, be more flexible and be fearless — both ON and OFF the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each and every moment mindfully.

    I have learned that I will always be a student of the practice. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity I have to share yoga with the same community from where I was born and raised. It is so satisfying and meaningful to me when I hear students say how they see yoga changing them as well.”

    Jay completed a 200 RYT teacher training program in 2016 with Himalayan Yoga Darshan. When not teaching yoga, Jay works for Providence Health & Services as a Hospice Registered Nurse, and enjoys hiking, cooking and hanging out with his three sons.

  • Avid into health and wellness, Jessica started her yoga journey as a young girl and has been practicing off and on for over 20 years. She is a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. Currently living in Chehalis with her husband and their 3 daughters, she enjoys gardening, nutrition, the outdoors, and being a mom. 

Essential Yoga Classes
Bring your mat, a towel and water

Kids Yoga Workshops

Take a break from the busyness of your world
and visit a place of relaxation, movement and joy.

yogakidsBenefits of Kids Yoga

• Aids Ability to Self-Soothe
• Employs Stillness • Deep Breathing • Enhances Self-Esteem
• Develops Mindfulness • Teaches Patience • Fosters Mental Clarity
• Improves Grades / School Performance • Creates Opportunities for Kindness