Joe Pescatore

  • Core and Balance Strengthening
  • Rehabilitation
  • Overall Conditioning
  • Weight Loss
  • Managing chronic diseases (MS, Parkinson's, Arthritis, etc)
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Facts about Joe Pescatore -
I have been NASM certified for over 10 years. I love helping people. I have done the STP four times.

  • Patti B,

    Hiring Joe Pescatore as my trainer each week has been an investment in my own health and well-being. Like everything talks! When I have a set paid appointment, I go. There is no room in my mind for excuses. Two, half-hour sessions is all I need to keep fit. I have more CORE STRENGTH than I ever thought possible! Joe INSPIRES and MOTIVATES me each week, when I cannot. He holds me TOTALLY ACCOUNTABLE and will not let me CHEAT, or make excuses. His Friday workouts are workouts you will NEVER FORGET, but the results are SO WORTH IT!!! The BEST GIFT you can ever give having a personal trainer. Joe has allowed me to achieve results that I couldn't do on my own. He is THE BEST!

  • Amber M,

    Joe Pescatore is an excellent trainer. He listens to your objectives and goals, and helps you achieve them in a manner that is safe and challenging. Joe encourages you to work hard and pushes you to your individual limits. Joe is not that trainer that is yelling in your face, but he is right by your side working with you and demonstrating how to properly conquer the reps. Joe is knowledgeable about many different levels of physical training and fitness and he incorporates all aspects to create a different work out every day. It was easy looking forward to working out because I was learning something new every day.