Melissa Fox

Yogafit & Imagination Yoga Certified Instructor
Specializes in yoga (personalized sessions)
Ages 14-99
Creating a strong functional foundation
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Facts about Melissa Fox -
I have loved fitness all my life. In my high school years, I played softball, volleyball and cheered. I also competed in power lifting and won the state championship. I later competed in bodybuilding shows winning both first overall and taking the best poser award. I fell in love with Yoga as it stumbled into my path.

  • Cynthia T,

    Melissa Fox has been my yoga instructor for over 3 years and my personal trainer for 2 1/2 years. What I appreciate about Melissa is that she listens to the specifics of what I want to improve, and designs a regimen to help me meet and exceed those goals. She is continually adapting my program of exercises to make sure that I am challenged, making progress and feeling confident. With her, my goal has changed from working on basic functionality to strength training. Melissa is easy to talk to, listens closely, and asks questions to help clarify my goals. She is very positive, doesn't take herself too seriously and has a terrific sense of humor. She is a wonderful person to work with, and I would highly recommend her!

  • Patrick K,

    I just needed email because I wanted to let ur company know that I recently decided to improve my health and physical fitness. In doing so I decided to start working with a personal trainer. A lot of times when people are very good at there good it sometimes goes unnoticed. I know u guys don't need this email to know u have a great trainer on your hands, but Melissa has been amazing throughout the very early stages of us working together. Her positive energy and work ethic have not only pushed me but made me excited for the possibilities of me achieving my goals. She has answered everyone of my million questions and totally exceeded my expectations of this process. Just wanted to take a few moments and let ur company know u have a great facility and Mrs. Fox has made a great impression already in the limited amount of time we have worked together.